SVCPR instructors provide an essential service to the healthcare industry and will remain open during this time for BLS classes in order to support the healthcare professionals on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

We are taking precautions for COVID-19 at all of our locations. Click here for more information.

COVID-19 Updates

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March 21, 2020 Update

After careful consideration of California’s shelter order and partnership with local agencies, SVCPR has opened up registration for new Healthcare Provider BLS CPR class dates at all of our locations starting Monday, March 23rd.

It is extremely important that healthcare providers are able to keep their certifications active as they continue to work on the frontlines during the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation. At this time, it is considered that providing these certifications is an essential support service to the healthcare industry and therefore exempt from the shelter order.

To comply with all CDC recommendations and protect our students, we will be adhering to the 6-foot rule for social distancing, and filling our classes at no more than 6 students. We will also be offering additional personal protective equipment, eliminating shared skills practice, and following a strict sanitizing regimen in all of our classrooms.

Please visit our website to view our updated class calendar. You can register for these classes on our website or by giving us a call at 916-259-0043. If necessary, we will be adding additional classes to handle any overflow.

If you are feeling sick in any way, please DO NOT attend class. We will be turning away any students who display symptoms of illness and rescheduling free of charge. If you cannot make your class date for any reason, simply contact us and we will help you reschedule for no additional fee.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility during these uncertain times, and want to extend our thanks for all of the work you do to keep our communities safe and healthy.

March 20, 2020 Update

In order to comply with the States shelter-in-place order, classes are temporarily cancelled at all of our Training Locations until the order is lifted. While we are doing our best to maintain the schedule of future classes, please be aware that dates or times may need to change based upon the evolving situation of COVID-19. You will always be notified of any changes made to your class.

To reschedule, view our current class calendar and send us an email with the class date you would like to reschedule to. You can email with your new class date.

To clarify on certificate expirations. If you currently have a CPR or BLS card and it expires on 4/2020. This means that you have the entire month of April, up to 4/30/2020, before your certificate expires. It does not matter what day in April of 2018 that you originally had taken your class, all certificates issued in April of 2018 will expire on 4/30/2020.

AHA has provided an update on certification extensions due to the impact of COVID-19. If your certification card expires prior to, or during the state order, please read below to see AHA’s update on expirations.

***Verify with your employer if they are following the AHA’s recommendation.

American Heart Association – March 13, 2020

With precautionary measures being taken globally to control the spread of COVID-19, and many countries and regions delaying training, the AHA has received questions from our Training Network about extensions, or “grace periods” for expirations of AHA Provider Course Completion Cards.

For AHA Provider Cards:

  • The AHA recommends that employers and regulatory bodies consider extending recognition of an AHA Provider Card beyond its renewal date, for up to 60 days. However, please know that it is ultimately up to the discretion of employers and regulatory bodies who require current AHA Provider Cards to consider allowing extensions during this time.
  • The AHA recommends considering extensions of up to 60 days, but this recommendation could be extended based on the evolving COVID-19 public health threat.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented situation.

March 16, 2020 Update

The AHA has issued a new Training Memo for the US and international AHA Training Network to provide additional flexibility, as needed, for training during heightened precautions for COVID-19.

During this time we have implemented precautions to properly prepare our staff, classrooms, and protocols for COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus.

  • All participants should practice good hygiene including hand washing with soap and water for a least 20 seconds before and after the course, and before and after snack or meal breaks.
  • Instructors will decontaminate the manikins after each student practices or tests on the manikin using an alcohol-based solution per CDC recommendations.
  • Face shields should not be used, and direct mouth-to-mouth ventilations should not be practiced.
  • Each student will be provided with a pocket mask and one-way valve when practicing one-rescuer skills. Pocket masks should not be shared during the course.
  • Bag masks should be used when practicing two-rescuer skills, and participants should wear gloves and clean bag masks between practices with an alcohol-based solution per CDC recommendations.
  • If possible manikins will be spaced at least 3 feet apart during training based on WHO guidelines.

If you are looking for additional resources and information about what’s going on and how to best protect yourself please visit: